I am a Philadelphia Photographer

I am a creative portrait photographer serving immediately the Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington D.C. areas and I am available worldwide! I'll photograph almost anything that moves and even some stuff that doesn't move! I've been photographing people, places, and things since I was a boy, merely twelve years of age. I've also taught students all across the globe, which has been one of the most incredible things in my life. I bleed a passion for all things creative.

"To be outstanding-get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

-Alrik Koudenburg

You want great images. I love making great images. We'll work together perfectly. I have a passion for excellence in imagery, I reject mediocrity. If you want great images and a great experience, you've found your photographer.

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to explore my modest website and check out my portfolio! My style isn't something I can define with words, but simply put, I just like to take cool pictures, if you want that, you've found your photographer. Let me tell you a little about myself and invite you to take a peek into my life by checking out some fun facts about myself:

"Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude."

-Ralph Marston

I am the second oldest of eight children. I like to be intelligently different. When “baggy” pants were in style, I wore biker shorts. I love great music; especially when I get to define what "great" is. I don’t wear a watch... I decide what time it is. I've played the guitar since 2004 and can strum a chord or two. I’m full of self doubt, yet I pretend to be super confident. I grew up doing gymnastics but was never any good. I can flip over, but I don’t really flip out. I drove across the country with my parents when I was 13 years old. I’m wanted in Mexico; for a crime I didn't commit. I grew up helping my father install custom hardwood and tile floors. My father is old enough that he may have done the tile in the Coliseum. I once taught an old dog a new trick.

I started my very first online business when I was 14 years old. I'm so bright I beat the sun in a staring contest. I think I'm the most humble person I know. I was born the day that the Berlin wall came down. It probably wasn't because of me, but maybe it was? I do it to the best of my ability, and then a little more. Can we forget I dropped that "humble" joke a moment ago? It makes me sound like a jerk. Someday I will get my pilot's license and fly around the world; I think I'll try to find a shortcut. I am a baseball freak. Being on cloud 9 isn't good enough, I'm looking for a cloud 10. I have the short-term memory of a 95 year-old man. I just talk and I tend to talk a lot. I try to listen too. I once made a weeping willow laugh. I like my photo shoots to be tighter than two coats of paint. I am a pretty religious guy. I was raised Reformed Presbyterian. It’s pretty much a big part of my life.