Avoiding accountability

When you mess up something, don't make the client pay for it.

Even if your intentions were good but your "creative" solution ended up failing, don't blame them. It can be something you learn from in the future and make yourself better and better.

Not only does the sting of doing the free work help you build better company policy, but it endears you to the client. Pragmatically-speaking, that $80 labor charge isn’t really worth losing a client who gives you $500 worth of work each year.

Making them pay for a mistake that was your responsibility leaves them with little but the stinging feeling of injustice.

Good leaders lead from the front and they accept responsibility when things go wrong–even if their orders were not followed. Bad leaders (who are no leaders at all) find somebody or something to blame when things go bad.

Accountability will lead to better clients, better relationships, and will give you immense respect in your circles.

The leader is truly and ultimately responsible for everything.
— Jocko Willink