Bad moment, bad day, bad week

If a fire breaks out on a deep-sea oil drilling rig, it's a bad idea to throw up your hands and let it rage for a few days or even a few hours. Containment is key to survival.

The same is true for us as we're battered with the proverbial waves of life while we stand in this overwhelming ocean called life.

When you deal with adversity or any uncomfortable moment that leads you to lose your cool, get angry, or mess up the day, try to contain it. Don't let it spread.

Set a deadline. "I will only be upset about this for the next hour, but then it's back to business."

Don't let a moment dictate the day. Don't let a mistake cost you a week. Don't let a moment of anger turn into a day of resent.

It feels better and is more effective to compartmentalize and box that moment in and give it time to burn, but don't let it sink your oil rig.

Contain the blaze and let it burn out or extinguish it. We can all do the same with our personal fires.