Be the engine, not the caboose

To be a leader takes a little bit of courage, some guts, a little determination–especially when the task which you're setting out to complete is something that many would challenge because it's not in line with the status quo.

But this does beg the question: would you rather be the leader who is misunderstood or the follower who never lives to their truest potential? Would you rather be the engine or the caboose? Always leading from the front (also one of the traits of the most successful leaders), or would you rather be stuck at the rear dragged about by the fancy of others?

Often times the risk is worth it. The moment when you question everything you feel, or when the feeling is the direst, that is the moment when you're on to something good. Something worth your time. Something that may just leave a legacy.

So, ask yourself each day: Will I be the engine or the caboose? Sounds kind of silly, but silly is easier to remember.