Be the fire, not the candle

Wind extinguishes a candle but energizes a fire. Think of the "wind" as the winds of change or the raging wind storm.

When we close ourselves from the things that scare us, when we construct boogie-men in our life, when we blanket ourselves and those around us with extreme levels of safety precautions, we foster a candle-like mentality that is ravaged whenever the wind shows up.

But by building up ourselves, by taking on challenges, by doing the things we don’t want to do when we don’t want to do them, we take risk, execute, work harder than we think we can, or when we push ourselves, we turn into the fire which sees the winds of change coming and is invigorated.

Challenge yourself and be fearless. Stand strong no matter the winds that batter you. Let them be the obstacle that raises you higher.