Can't knock out Tyson from your couch

Always show up. Always show up with your best. Always show up with your best even when you doubt yourself or everyone around you doubts you. Actually, don't ever doubt yourself. Reach inside and find a true belief that you belong, that you're able, and that you're good. You'd never believe somebody if they told you the sky is actually orange. You couldn't believe that. Find that belief in yourself and always demand the best of yourself and you won't fear a person or situation on earth.

On February 11th, 1990, Mike Tyson was set to fight Buster Douglas in Japan. Most oddsmakers in Vegas wouldn't even let people bet on the fight and the one place that did take bets made you bet about $35,000 to win $1,000. Everybody knew Mike Tyson would crush this guy like he had been doing to everybody. Mike Tyson was undefeated at 37-0 heading into the fight, having knocked out 14 of his last 16 opponents.

Buster Douglas could have been crushed by the hype, the doubt, the entire world sure he was just the latest victim for Tyson, but instead he came out and fought confidently and knocked out Tyson in the 10th round. It still remains one of the most improbable underdog victories in the history of sports.

He believed in himself even when nobody else did and he did it against the greatest odds imaginable. You're probably not under threat of imminent knockout, so why can't you believe in yourself? You can’t knock out Tyson from your couch. Show up confidently.