Creativity's valley of death

You’re sitting at your desk finishing the 9th version of the logo design you’re working on. You missed your daughter’s recital, your son’s game, and the family reunion as well.

You send the latest version of your work to the client and the response you get is that they don’t like it, they don’t have any real direction to add, and the tone of the response has zero respect for the effort you’ve put into making the logo.

You’re ready to explode and you’re wracked with disappointment for missing your kid’s events and it’s a year until the next reunion.

But, does anyone enjoy family reunions? So maybe we don’t get too upset about that specifically. But you get the point.

The key to avoiding this trap is to be prepared to give your heart and soul for the first 20 drafts and then throw them all away in a second. It’s not a travesty, it’s the process.

Think of the author who spends a year on his first draft only to toss it in the garbage. That’s the resilience you want and the resilience you’ll need.