Did I wake up too late?

It's never too late to start. This maxim stands true for a day of work or a life of accomplishments (or lack thereof.)

Resist the urge to lay down and give up because you've got a late start. Woke up 3 hours late? No big deal. You may still do 80% of your tasks (and don't sleep in again!). Just discovered your passion at age 45? No problem. Sam Walton opened his first "Walmart" store at age 44.

Sam Walton didn't let his late start deter him and now his family has a pretty successful thing going on.

Sometimes I wonder how many good things get passed up because you or I got started later than expected. How much are we surrendering because we can't remain agile and flexible even when our first plans don't come through the way we expect?

Never give up. Never make excuses. Never be envious of those who have youth rather than experience.