Failing at stuff

I begin with the best of intentions and I’m sure that I’m going to get the stuff done.

But it’s so easy for me to prioritize the non-urgent stuff and allow that to bloat and waste away the best hours of the day leaving me with hours ranging from 10pm-3am to do important work.

Often I’m left wonder what happened to the afternoon. I’m supposed to be good at this time management stuff. I think I am. Well, the planning plan I’m pretty OK at, but the execution requires self-discipline. That’s where I fall flat time and time again.

Setting out with the best of intentions is warm and fuzzy, but getting the work done is what matters. I’m OK with slow forward progress because that’s better than no progress at all.

Never stop, never give up, and never give yourself excuses. Fail forward, as they say, and keep striving for that better version of you.