Forcing creativity

Forcing creativity, or as I like to call it, "getting work done" is the bane of all the dreamers and creatives in the world. We love to dream. I'd dream all day if I could make a living at it. Hard work needs to be done to get ahead. Walking doesn't cut it, you need to run to make progress.

My favorite way of forcing my creativity and getting things done is to place myself under artificial time constraints. Building my own deadlines and sticking to them.

Of course, you need to develop the self-discipline to actually want to stick to your deadlines. After all, you're the only one to whom you're accountable. Will you throw off the deadlines and embrace the mediocrity of relaxed, slow-paced, get-nothing-done-ness?

Or will you make those deadlines the most important thing in your working day? Will you actually make the change and get that work done or consistently stick to your schedule?

Try forcing your own creativity. You just might find it's pretty great.