“If only you would believe…”

People like to say that “if only you would believe you could change the world” (or insert any other ambitious or momentous thing here.)

I always used to wonder what they meant by this. What exactly do I need to believe? And how does throwing belief out into the ether does that return wild successes to me?

I still wonder if most people who talk about belief leading to success know what they mean by it.

Anyway, the key to this belief thing is really, actually believing that change can happen.

That you can start going to the gym and be the next Schwarzenegger. That you can diet and train and run the Boston Marathon. That you can build a YouTube channel with 1 million subscribers and have people treat you like a celebrity. That you can beat cancer. That you can stop drinking. That you can kick your drug habit, etc… etc…

The moment you believe that you can make the change, the responsibility falls on your shoulders. With that responsibility comes the freedom to make the changes and movement necessary to achieve your goal.

Create new habits that lead to success because you’re the one in control of the habits you form or break as things stand. There are great power and responsibility in understanding that phrase.

Find the bad habits that hinder you, identify what you think you get from them, and then figure out what fear or desire triggers the habit and adjust, adjust, adjust until you’ve refined yourself.

Of course, if you believe that all your habits and bad traits are born-into you and unchangeable you will never change because you’re problems will be something you bemoan instead of work to change–because you don’t believe you possibly can change them.

The same goes for your greatest dreams. If you don’t believe you can achieve them and if you don’t believe you can adjust yourself to put yourself in a position to achieve them, you never will.

If only we all would believe that we’re capable of much more than we ever allow ourselves to dream of.

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.
— Steve Jobs