Inspiration: just the spark

The moment something captivates you and you are sure you're about to make a difference. Whether in your own life or for some greater good is irrelevant. What carries that moment into reality? What ensures that you will start that thing, make that change, stick with that commitment? The vast majority of us fail simply because we don't pursue our goal consistently and slowly it is given up.

For myself I find that I have little confidence in making a commitment because of the many commitments I have made, I find it very difficult to follow through and complete the tasks that would lead to the realization of dreams and goals.

I've made the commitment to write a short blog post Monday-Saturday before and the bug to write has hit me again. In the front of my mind, I'm sure that THIS will, at last, be the time I make a commitment and see it though. Write a short post every day for the next year, or two, or ten.

In the back of my mind, I doubt I'll even stick with it for a month.

Is it a lack of discipline, a lack of seeing the purpose in jotting down a few thoughts each day, or a self-sabotaging already taking place by that little voice in the back of my head that will ultimately stop me from doing this?

Right now, I think I write a blog post a day by setting aside 20 minutes and sitting down and writing a blog post a day. Everything else that my mind wants to cloud me with doesn't matter.

This is the approach that I must take to become more consistent and reliable in everything I do.  Simply put, you do by doing.