Kodak paid the ultimate price

This isn't a break-up story, it's what happens when you stand still when you stop moving when you stop innovating.

When a company gets large it also gets cumbersome and moves like a large ship. Smaller startups are far more agile and can risk it all if they believe it will make the difference. Large companies play it safe and prefer to be risk-averse.

In 1976, Kodak sold 90% of the film in the country. Less than 30 years later they're a dead company. Why? Because they failed to innovate. With billions of dollars in revenue tied up in the film photography realm, they failed to make the transition to digital when the rest of the world did and they paid the ultimate price.

Your company is smaller than Kodak was in 1976 and far more agile. Don't be afraid to make changes, try new things, and take risks.