Losing sight of my goals

I started writing these short daily posts late last November and my goal was nothing more than to just write a couple of thoughts a day. For the past couple of weeks, there have been many mornings where I didn’t want to write. Even getting a couple of sentences to come out felt like I was pulling teeth.

I always do this. I set out with one goal and midway through I start setting other expectations (like thinking every blog post must be perfect, make perfect sense, and be a literary masterpiece) and I fall into this spot where I would rather put out nothing than put out something I at all think may be sub-par.

The lesson I’m learning is that in almost everything the showing up and doing the work is most important. I set out to write every day, not write a masterpiece every day. So if I write a few sentences of trash in the process, c'est la vie.

Show up, do the work as best you’re able, cut yourself slack if it isn’t perfect, and just keep going.