Lurking in the shadows is crippling

Do you lurk or do you interact? We all seem to have a natural inclination to put ourselves out there or to withdraw and observe from a distance.

Those who put themselves before the crowd are more natural leaders, those who observe from a safe distance are more naturally lurkers.

Being a lurker isn't a bad thing, but it will make it more difficult to be a naturally strong leader.

How do you increase the chance that something good will happen for you by only watching what unfolds?

Are you more likely to be discovered (or have your work discovered) by sitting back and watching?

It's easier and feels much more safe to NOT put yourself out there in front of the crowd where we can be rejected or mocked. But we also prevent yourself from being discovered as well.

But instead of changing, we find excuses to rationalize our unwillingness to step out of hiding.

Make the choice to overcome your fear and desire for safety. Make the choice to do something. Make the choice to be noticed.