Making pressure evaporate

The other day I noticed that the stress and pressure of writing these daily blog posts have completely evaporated. I like to preach the fact that if you just do something for a few minutes a day, it doesn't take very long before you get better and better at that thing.

In this case, taking 10-20 minutes a day to write a blog post has made getting started with all of my writing projects much, much easier.

I'm wondering if I should be shooting a portrait a day, design a logo a day, make a video tutorial a day, etc... etc... to get really fast and really proficient at doing these things.

Start today and set a goal that is very attainable. Something easy that you can do for 10 minutes a day and you'll look back in a few months and realize you've gotten much better at it.

Now I have to keep it up. Hopefully, this blog post isn't a jinx, but I feel pretty good about the future of these posts. More to come!