Making superheroes and mythological characters

Everything seems impossible if it hasn't been done before. I've talked about that here before, but it really is a point that we can't forget.

I think that this prevailing attitude amongst most of our peers, has led us to look at celebrities, sports figures, etc... as these characters of mythological proportion. But why do we do this?

We do it because they've done the impossible and only superheroes and mythological creatures can do that. We're in awe of them.

That is, we're in awe of them until we start believing in ourselves.

When we believe in ourselves so much that we *know* that we, too could be the one standing there, it takes the mythological sting out of the celebrity.

Remember not to ask "why me?" but instead ask "why not me?"

It'll bring you more balance and people won't resemble demigods any longer.