More than most things, I love reading

I love reading and at the moment I’m reading Nassim Taleb’s book “Antifragility”. I’m only 50 pages in and it might be the best book I’ve ever read.

He also writes with lots of big words. Here are a few new ones I’ve learned today in a non-precise, non-scientific understanding of them:


A theoretical phenomenon in medicine that a small dose of a poison or other harmful thing may produce beneficial effects at low doses.

Antidotum Mithridatium (roughly Latin for "The antidote of Mithridates")

This method to achieve immunity takes its name from its inventor, Mithridates VI, King of Pontus (134 to 63 BC) who built up his body by taking small doses of poisons, etc... to protect himself from being poisoned by an enemy. Strengthen your body or immune system by slowly building a tolerance to poisons or difficulty


A throne vacancy between two rulers or a pause in a continuous series of things.


Something that involves a chance or a process involving a random moving part or variable.


A person who pretends to have more knowledge of economics than they really possess.


This relates to the process of discovering things and solving problems through trial and error. Also relates to a person who will self-educate.


I wasn't really sure what the definitions I was reading meant so here is a copy-and-paste from a website I found: "Pathemata then, is what lies beneath, within, without, here, yet beyond, under, over and above language. It is the inherent and underlying common ground and movement (passion) of living beings, which for Plato and Aristotle necessarily involve suffering."


This is another deeply philosophical term that means, as far as I can tell, things that are actually, deeply true. Things that can be both learned and taught by a person. Not something simply listened to and adopted, but something that is learned and experienced.


This means being a well-studied person, educated, learned, etc...


This means an exaggerated growth without multiplying the number of parts in an organ or organism.


This is to soothe or appease or even reduce the intensity of a thing or person.

I love this stuff.