Moving forward without a destination

Without a destination does not mean without a direction. "Forward" is the direction.

When you’re exploring ideas and living a portion of your life in the “open mode” where creativity is bountiful and things are relaxed and free-flowing, you want to do many things just for the sake of doing them.

Doing a thing just for the sake of doing it fosters creativity, builds knowledge, helps you to be more agile in your day-to-day decision making, and also fortifies your mind into one that is calm and cool when things break down or change. Creative problem solving is abundant in a person who can spend much time in the open mode.

You can’t be in the exploratory open mode when things need to get done. You need to drink your coffee, shut off social media, put away your toys and pick up the hammer and get to work. Close-mindedness is good for getting stuff done.

But at the moment you’re not working try doing things, going places, reading books, and just generally ignoring what the end reason is for doing that thing you do. Do things simply to do them. Move forward but without a destination.

If Steve Jobs had focused on building the best pocket CD player ever, he would have missed the iPod. That idea came from somebody who was not constrained by the utilitarianism of most of us. The idea struck and he was open enough to receive it and now everyone has an iPod + iPhone combo in their hand these days. Game-changer.

Try moving forward just for the sake of moving forward. Ignore if the masses will love it or if it will make you loads of money or any possible ending. Focus on the act of doing. Do for the sake of doing.