People will question and criticize you (especially when you’re not around)

I’ll admit, I’m guilty of this. It’s easier to commiserate on the annoying thing that somebody else does that “you just can’t understand.”

A few days ago I overheard a friend of mine talking smack about my blog posts. He said: “people who write blogs full of positive ideas and faux-self-help are full of crap and they really only do it for themselves.”

I am probably “full of crap” about lots of things, but that’s part of what makes learning new stuff more fun. Then I smell a little less crappy.

The friend is also correct when he says that I write these for myself. It’s my daily writing challenge and it allows me to play with thoughts and ideas that come to me while I read, ride(cycle), and think each day.

This reaffirms the reason I’m writing these posts and also that my friend can correctly identify things at first glance. I always knew I liked that guy.