Respect to the doers

We can all talk about how it should work, but are we really putting in the work?

We're told that knowledge is discovered and dispersed to the people by way of the university and lecture hall sharing theories of why things work this way.

How often do you hear people refer to going to college as "getting an education"? It's exactly the way the charlatans want you to think of college. Go get your knowledge from the "educated" class and elevate yourself above the fellow man.

Why are those who don't attend a university degraded as "uneducated"? Are the universities alone the holders and dispensers of knowledge?

Do discovery and innovation and knowledge begin in the college lecture hall (or even college laboratory)?

Or is it the doers that make things, break things, innovate things and contribute far more than the “educators” are willing to acknowledge?

After the trial and error has been finished and the doers have taken the risk of failure (indeed he has failed along the way) then the academic can scoop up what he has done, write papers and deliver lectures on the theories behind why what he did worked and we all assume that the innovation was made because the academic has made these discoveries.

But the doer did and that’s where the seed germinated and flourished.

This isn't to say that no innovation or valuable thought has arisen from and within the university structure, however, most innovation has occurred outside of the structure of the college.

So here’s to the unpolished, brash, “uneducated” people working, building, breaking, experimenting, and DOing. You’ve contributed far more than we all ever acknowledge. Power to the people.