Should you take the road less traveled?

My grandmother used to wear a sweater emblazoned with the words "I took the road less traveled... now where the heck am I?"

Is was her unique way of expressing humor and jabbing the rest of society which she has always felt holds a very personal grudge against her. I think about those graphic sweater days fondly.

The point here is that the road most-traveled is the road the society deems best, so if you want to make the decision best for you, you must be able to step away from societal expectations and norms and as-objectively-as-possible look at the options.

Because sometimes the road less traveled is across the silk road that nobody values all that much.

Remember, it wasn't too long ago that general society thought you would sail off the edge of the earth, that leeches could help if you were inflicted with the black plague, and margarine was actually good for you.

Very often the status quo gets it wrong, but we still follow them because taking the road less traveled leaves you without plausible deniability.

Take the risk of doing what you think is right–even when it runs against society's expectation of you.