Start before it's popular

We can get so obsessed with the results which we want that we overlook what it takes to get there. What we really believe will spur us onward to do the work when nobody is looking or giving us kudos for our work.

The work you do in the dark when the audience isn’t cheering you on and showering you with love that will bring you to the promised land you envision. 

It may feel disheartening, but you must keep going and you must believe that your work will matter. (If you do what you do for the "love of the game" you will not experience this as much as somebody who wants fame or money or skill quickly.)

But it takes a real belief in your heart that a culture of putting in the work, working with intentionality, direction, and focus is what you must be doing that will foster a culture of success.

This culture is vital because it forms your real, in-the-moment reactions and responses when things get difficult or when the original plan falls apart.