The "algorithm" will get even with you

Playing the short game, working the system, and cheating the algorithm all produce short-term gains without long-term success.

They’re like the seed that gets planted a bit too close to the surface so it sports quickly, but has no roots. It dies soon thereafter.

While it may be tempting to “cheat” the system, the algorithm will catch up and you’ll be left in the cold.

Spammy comments to fake engagement levels, fake thumbnails, clickbait, bots to inflate follower counts are all ways we see this in the online influencer field.

But when you build slow and build deep-instead of wide-you have an audience that is worth their weight. It’s better to have 3,000 real and engaged followers, than 300,000 “people” who hardly interact and will probably never buy anything from you.

Resist the urge to work the system. Instead, just work!