The bright side of shade

The Spartans were facing certain extermination in the face of the million-man Medo-Persian army just before the battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. You know, that famous “300” battle.

Herodotus recounts in his “Histories” a famous note about a Spartan named, Dienekes who was one of the bravest of the Spartans. He was told by a man familiar with the Medes that when they unleash volleys of arrows so thick and in such great number that they block out the sun.

Dienekes responded by pointing out this meant they would be able to fight the battle in the shade.

In the shadow of the greatest difficulties we face, there is always an optimistic outlook, even if we risk being reckless or sounding crazy at times. Oh, I should mention as well, Dienekes was killed in that battle of Thermopylae, but his comments about the shade have pushed his character into the sun in Greek history.