The first fifty (50)

Do for the first 50 what you won't be able to do for the first 5,000.

This is true whether you're starting a new business, building a following online, working to be a better photographer, foster great relationships in your industry, etc...

Those first 50 people should be like golden treats that you cherish and love with all your loving.

They become the ambassadors to others and they will always be given the royal treatment because they were the first to believe in you and support you.

So whether they're your first 50 good followers, 50 subscribers, 50 clients, 50 customers, 50 contacts, 50 business networking targets, 50 commenters, etc... treat them like kings and queens and let them see how much you appreciate their support.

This is also true with inanimate objects. Your first 50 photos, 50 photo shoots, 50 sketches, 50 pages of that book you're writing, 50 blog posts, 50 email newsletters, 50 youtube videos, 50 Instagram posts, etc...

The first 50 are the gateway to the first 5,000 which leads to the first 500,000 and so you grow.

Just never forget the first 50.