The hardest work to do…

I write about doing the work that sets you up for success because I know I should be doing more of it. I know it, but I’m still working on committing it to my mind as a true belief, something I can’t help but do.

Building in the dark helps us get to the light.

We must do the small stuff that we’re not sure will work because without it it’s guaranteed not to work.

In baseball, you can’t score 3 runs without getting men on base, but when those men get on base, they don’t know if they will score or not. They just do their job and get on base.

That’s just it. Do your job. Complete the task. Go from point A to B with as much effort and focus as you can. Do that 15x a day. Stop focusing on the goal or what you expect from the task. Just do it. Doing nothing is almost always worse than doing something/anything.

You can’t hit a grand slam without getting three men on base first. So keep focusing on getting on base and let the grand slams happen where they may.