The less you care, the more you do

Most of us have met the guy who cares so much that he chokes the life out of the projects he finds important. As a child, my grandmother had a kitten that she loved so much she accidentally smothered it to death the first day she had it.

In a somewhat less "deathy" way, creating artwork, writing, photos, films, etc… requires you to be willing to create bad work. You write 200 bad songs to get one hit. You shoot 100 photos for one good one. You create 250 YouTube videos to get one viral video.

But if you care so much that you can’t release “bad” work into the world, you lose the ability to run into those hits. I know you don’t want to release bad artwork, but I have to remind myself that sometimes what I think is “bad” work ends up being some of my most-well received artwork.

Maybe you don’t care about how your work is received and that’s OK, but if you want to grow a following and sell your work, you’ll have to start caring a little bit.