They will mock you

We laugh at the person who takes the risk and fails instead of respecting the willingness to take that risk in the face of possible failure. They write stories about his failure and how stupid he was for daring the challenge the accepted norms of "the rest of us." When the risk that is taken fails, he had better have thick skin because they will mock.

Many risk-takers don’t fail. The few that do get a lot of air time. We hear all about them. It's our reminder to stay in line, blend in, and remain mediocre.

When the risk-taker succeeds, they look for reasons to discredit or accuse him of cheating. It is a thankless process. Take risks for yourself, not for the accolades.

For the rest of us, these jeering crowds remind us to stay in line and keep our heads down. And most of us do for fear of being labeled or criticized. We shun risk like it's the Black Plague. We would rather reject innovation and exciting new technology, or something new for fear that we will be criticized if it doesn't work. “The old way was slow, but it works and it’s safe.”

But who are these critics? Have they any value in your life? Do they care about your well-being or are they looking for a cheap laugh? The people who respect the risk, the leap, the moment you stepped out onto the edge are the ones who matter. Ignore the masses who've been conditioned to avoid risk and start the new thing today.

If it fails, let them laugh. For yourself, you can rest assured they would not have had the fortitude to set out on such a risky journey as you. They would settle for less and be content in their safe bubble. You want bigger, better, faster, stronger. With that comes risk. Embrace the whole package.