This makes me fearless

Since my late teens, I've tried to work out about 5 days a week. That's not to say I'm in amazing physical shape. I'm not. I could stand to lose 15-20lbs for sure.

Early on I did it to make myself stronger. I didn't really care about the "vanity muscles." I didn't mind when they showed up, but they weren't why I did the thing.

Lately, I've been doing it because it anchors my morning and makes me feel great as I head into my day of work.

I also know that if I really push myself at the gym and make it the most difficult thing I'll face all day, anything that would have given me pause or raised any level of anxiety within me melts in the face of the difficult task each morning. Working out gives me an anchor of fearless.

I can always remind myself that this stressful thing isn’t as difficult as that workout I did in the morning.

With consistency in the morning, a good rush of endorphins, getting my heart rate up, and making that workout the most difficult thing I'll do today, it gives me a fearlessness for anything and everything I need to accomplish.

You should try going to the gym, take a spin class, jog a mile, or create some physical circuit for yourself each morning. You just might like it.

Bonus points if you take an ice cold shower when you get home from working out.