Thoughts on modern colleges and education (falsely so called)

My friends know how much I generally loathe the modern college “education” system. To put it simply, I think at least 65% of the people who attended college after 2005 would be just as well off if not better off had they never attended.

The college degree is the Louis Vuitton handbag to the parent and little regard is placed in the fact that student loans will now ensure that their child is in debt until age 60+

The climate seems to be that you need a degree of some sort to get ahead, but these universities do little overall to contribute advancements to modern society.

The doers go out and do. They build and break things. They make discoveries–almost all of them.

The university takes the information and chops it up and mashes it into a textbook that most students will ignore anyway.

I think college is useful for those entering a variety of the STEM fields (but not all of them), for medicine, and maybe law.

If you have the time, money, and means to go after a more traditional classical education, a degree can be worthwhile, just don’t expect jobs to be coming at you like hotcakes. Do it for the love and passion of learning and sharpening your mind.

Like any scam, the college bubble will pop. The “education” that most students receive isn’t worth a quarter of what it costs. Only time will tell how long the education institution can continue to stand as she does.

Time is the great eraser. It rubs away the weak stuff. Modern “education” is weak stuff as currently constructed and operated.