Utter despair in the 75th minute

Most experienced screenwriters will know that if you fast forward to minute 75 or so in a well-written film, you will find the moment of utter despair in the film. The moment from which the hero needs to escape or enter and save the day.

I will often catch myself chalking up outcomes of success or failure of others as happenstance. But the truth is that you have far more control over an outcome than you may realize. You just have to be willing to spend the time to learn the matter inside and out.

People have thought about the best place for that moment of despair when developing a film and it leads to films that capture the attention and enrapture the audience more effectively. It’s not dumb “luck”, there is a method.

For me, this kind of thing serves as a humbling reminder that there are vast expanses of information that I don’t possess. It’s also exciting to know that there is a level of control to virtually everything. I just would need to apply myself.