We’re far too focused on the result of what we do

We’re far too focused on the result of what we do. Getting famous, making lots of money, building that dream house, winning that marathon, or traveling the world. 

The truth is that when it comes to building a business or bodybuilding, you must love the process itself. The painful, difficult stuff, The long nights in the gym and the questionable-tasting protein drinks, the long hours working, and the sleep deprivation.

If you just want the payoff without the build you’re not going to get the payoff and the building you do will be miserable. Life doesn’t work that way. The painful bits present challenges which, when solved, load us with happiness. You can’t run from the painful bits. They just get bigger and more difficult to contend with in the future.

So don’t focus only on the result you expect. Instead, focus on the build and learn to love the build. If you don’t love the process of building, you might be in the wrong business.