What you tell yourself matters

Everyone else will let us know what they think about what we want to do. They'll have no problem telling us we had a stupid idea or it's too risky or we shouldn't take that trip or start that business.

It's easy to stay the same. Keep the same comfortable mediocrity that we've always had and justified it with the words of the people around us.

But here's the thing, those external voices are nothing. Just a bit of moving wind in the air around your ears. What really matters is what you tell yourself.

Can you, despite the naysayers, stay the course? Can you pick up and change your life when everyone tells you it can't be done?

I just read the story of Roger Bannister, who was an English runner in the 1950s. He wanted to run a mile in less than 4 minutes.

Everybody told him is was humanly impossible! But he tried anyway and he failed. A bunch of times. But eventually, he ran the mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. Close, but that's a sub-4-minute mile.

After he shattered the narrative presented by the "experts" thousands have gone on to run the sub-4-minute mile. So much for "common knowledge."

Don't let the talkers get in the way of the ones changing things.