What’s hard is what’s good

Pleasure is a fickle lover. It’s an external high that numbs you at the moment and leaves you with regret afterward.

I should clarify here that pleasure coming from inside of you and working its way out is great. You work to climb the mountain and you derive pleasure from the accomplishment. You bust your hump at work and the promotion is sweet. You study like your life depends on it and the high scores are as the sweet syrup of victory flowing down to you.

But the external pleasure that comes first from the outside, binge-watching that Netflix series, spending all day browsing YouTube, indulging in the various hedonistic tendencies of many folks in our day and age, etc… are all superficial numbing agents at best.

Chase that which is difficult. Look to better yourself. Get after it. Go for the hard stuff. Believe you can do it and then start. You will derive long-term satisfaction from doing that which cultivates true, inner happiness.