When you haven't written a blog in two years (the importance of writing)

The easy way out is to blame a lack of production on "being too busy." Sometimes it's a legitimate excuse, but it's still an excuse. I hate excuses and I try to hold myself to a higher standard.

So here I sit, once more dedicating myself to a writing project. The goal: write one blog post each day for six days a week (Mon-Sat.) Make time for it. Just do it. (Cliches are cliches because they work.) Will this project fall by the wayside like my personal daily journal? Will this project get excused for any number of rationalization I can conjure? This time, I won't let it. 

Writing each day will change the way I think and force me to think more critically. I'll have my mind working to prepare tomorrow's blog post before tomorrow ever comes. Within weeks, I hope my mindset changes and I begin to think differently, and think more creatively. Here I go.

This blog will feature photography work Iove, stories from my work, ideas I have, passions I'm chasing, technical articles, education, and anything else I wish to share.