Write drunk, edit sober

There was a study about creativity that some smart people did which indicated that if we wish to be more creative, we should move into an "open mode" way of thinking.

The ability to shift yourself into a free or "open" mode of thinking where the standard restraints and requirements are nonexistent, at least in our mind, for a period of time can be the greatest boon to developing better ideas and being a more creative person.

This is the idea behind writing drunk. When you're loose and stuff doesn't have to make sense all the time and you can explore things that seem to be a waste of time and/or ludicrous.

However, once you've developed that great idea, it's time to buckle down, put the beer down, and pick up the coffee and begin the editing process. Edit and implement to transform those incredible creative ideas into incredible creative realities.

Write drunk, edit sober.