Teaching Photoshop & Photography Around the World

It's been the first of three days of live recording here in San Francisco for Adobe. We're recording and broadcasting these live shows that go out via the internet for three straight days at the Adobe HQ on Townsend st. in San Francisco. Today was a good day and from the start, the number of viewers that we were expecting is nearly 10x what I was told to expect. This is a good thing. The crew with whom I am working as well as the artists and co-hosts have all been great to work with as well.
I haven't done much of any preparation work for this project, but these things seem to work better for me when I don't do too much planning. It really allows me to "let my hands go"-to steal an expression from the boxing world. I've seen people turning on the live show while I am hosting from places as far away as Australia, Northern Africa, and central Asia. The power and reach of the internet is very real, folks.
Adobe has also done a great job of providing the hosts of the show with a very nice and laid back environment from which to prepare and work. Relaxation has always been key to me in terms of being more creative and productive in my photography work. The less pressure, the more I am willing to play with ideas and think around problems for creative (and often more beautiful) solutions. The people here are nice and the environment is conducive of happiness.
A brief moment to talk about San Francisco on account of the fact that this is my very first time here. Prices are madness, absolutely crazy. There are more Uber drivers than I have ever seen in my life (more even than NYC,) there are scores of homeless people sleeping on the streets (turns out SF has the highest rate of homelessness in the US,) and the weather-for at least the first day-has been lackluster. It's been foggy and chilly with just enough wind to make things uncomfortable. From what the local folks tell me, things get much nicer. I'll wait and see.
I am a part of the hosting crew for three days of live broadcast from Adobe and we just wrapped up day one. Things feel good. Time to go and kill it for the next two days.