A nice way to operate

You shouldn't build the tallest building by tearing down all the buildings that happen to be taller than your building. You simply keep building higher and higher.

Offering genuine compliments and showing genuine interest in others' accomplishments is the better way to go about building your tall building.

When you offer these compliments and care about the success of others, you show how deep your own confidence is and the integrity with which you carry yourself. This has the double-edged effect of showing how confident you are in yourself and also builds a network of people around you who are willing to help you if you need it because you've always shown that genuine care for them.

It's also a really nice way to operate in general and people will probably like you more. Most importantly, you build your own business, brand, project, etc... while also building those around you.

Build the tallest building by building it, not by tearing others down.