I'm cutting myself off

I try to get to the point, but I love the extra stuff that makes a statement more "flowery" so I try to subdue that bit when I speak and write. But I'm pretty bad at that.

It's easy to take a small thing and spend ten minutes talking about it when a sentence would suffice. Text messages are nice because it's one line instead of a five-minute conversation. A 3 minute YouTube video is easier to watch than a 35-minute video on the same subject.

Being long and drawn out doesn't make me sound more intelligent, I think it just turns people off. I don't think we should communicate using only a few beeps and boops, but getting to the point early and often is better and more considerate of other's time. This is a goal of mine moving forward.

Trim the speech, edit the sentence, end the conversation. Nobody will care if you leave out the superfluous words and explaining things the long way. Extra words just fill space and convey a lack of confidence.

Enough on this subject. I'm cutting myself off now.