Boiling it down to the essence

Finding my "style" was something that I always chased as a young photographer. Somedays I think I'm still chasing it.

For an artist to find their own style doesn't symbolize the death of their creativity or an inability to work with clients and adapt to what they need. Instead, it's a mark that makes an artist instantly recognizable. Most of us know when we see an Ansel Adams or a Dali or a Picasso. They just have something about them that instantly informs you of who the artist it.

As an artist, doing the same thing over and over again frees you up to explore that avenue and get better and better at that. To this day, as a photographer, sometimes I can feel like I've shot a certain style image enough and it's time to try something new.

Does that mean I still haven't discovered who I am and what my style is? I think it's more an issue of developing the discipline and confidence to continue doing the same style over and over again and perfecting it as best I am able. Think of it as boiling down all the stuff to the perfect core-the essence of the style of artwork I make.

So I think I'll keep doing what I do, maybe even limit myself in what I will do even more in an effort to be amazing at what I do and develop a style that is unmistakable and instantly recognizable.