Haters and outside voices

Most of us let peer pressure affect us quite a bit and lots of us let non-peer pressure affect us, too. The pressure of people we don't even know and likely will never know–and who don’t particularly even care about you.

Ignoring the outside voices who shout at you is the best practice. Do what you believe is right and keep looking for what is right, what is best, what is good. Stand on the merit of what you know to be true. Don't let the outside voices push you off your path.

This goes for the people saying good OR bad things. Don't buy the hype, it'll make you complacent. Don't listen to the doubters, it'll make you want to quit.

If Edison, Tesla, Einstein, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc... had waited for the world's approval, they'd have never even started. Ignore the haters and never buy into the hype. Do your work.