How to wake up earlier (and happier)

One of the last things I do each day is to lay out the goals for the next day and schedule my day hour-by-hour from 8am-7pm.

By laying out the next day, I know exactly when I need to wake up and why. This helps to give my morning purpose and keeps me from sleeping in. I want to get up to attack my tasks and I know that by 9 am I need to have X task finished, etc...

When you work for yourself and don't have a boss to whom you answer, creating a work schedule for yourself each night is a good way to ensure you don't lay in bed until noon before deciding to get up and start work.

Layout your day. Wake with purpose. Be more productive. Be happier.

P.S. also, the most important part of waking early is getting to bed at a good hour the night before. Focus harder and work to be more disciplined about getting to bed a little earlier. It helps a bit.