Brilliance is uncomfortable

When you have a moment of creative insight, a moment of brilliance, it's exciting and the natural urge is to jump at the solution and consider the job finished.

Except great creative minds rarely settle with the first solution they happen upon.

They are comfortable with living in the unknown. Comfortable with being uncomfortable. By NOT taking the quick creative solution that first appears, they instead opt to continue searching and probing the abyss for other brilliant ideas. And they often find them.

This allows them to operate in a realm reserved for the elite. Those are the amazing people we look at and wonder how they're so good at what they do and why everything seems so easy for them.

This scarcity of willingness to float in the scary unknown of creative darkness makes that ability more valuable (as long as it's effectively used.)

It's uncomfortable to propose an idea that might fail.

It's uncomfortable to start work and invest time in art that might look horrible.

And it's uncomfortable to avoid settling for the easy way out or the first solution.

If you're comfortable doing what you're doing, the likelihood is that you are nowhere near your potential. Lewis and Clarke did not choose the easy path when they set out, but they discovered a whole new world in the American West.

I'll leave you with this brilliant talk by John Cleese where he has some interesting and powerful ideas about creativity and even talks about resisting the urge to settle. You're going to love it.