Distraction is our kryptonite

With the proliferation with the "Instagram lifestyle" becoming so popular, I see many young business-owners and entrepreneurs chasing what others are doing and trying to get the perfect picture to share with the unknown masses online or tweet the perfect set of words to get more likes and retweets. To get popularity becomes the "why" behind what many of us do.

But does those likes, follows, retweets, etc... do much to build your business? Do they build your social standing? And if so, does that help you make more sales? Do those "likers" turn into customers?

Are we even able to be honest with ourselves when we answer that question?

We'll probably just find some way to justify spending more time on social media instead of honing our business to a perfect machine or making the process and service(s) we offer our customers even better.

My generation seems to be shackled with endless distractions. We're browsing social media for hours, consuming endless amounts of Netflix, Hulu, etc..., and wasting our time away with video games.

As business owners, this chasing popularity is just another distraction we add to an already distracted existence.

I think I still have it in myself to a certain extent.

I know that I could still be more focused on business, more focused on delivering a better experience, more focused on being more responsive to clients, and more hungry to test and practice my craft and becoming a better photographer.

I could also spend more time improving myself with more fitness, healthier eating, and reading/studying things I want to learn more.

Don't mistake popularity for success especially if popularity isn't the success itself. Work hard and build your business.

Eliminate distractions. All of them.