I have a problem with "resting on my laurels". You know, when things are going good and you start thinking you've got it all locked down and you're ready to cruise. Well, for me, that's exactly when I take my foot off the gas pedal and begin to nosedive.

I wrote a post yesterday about how I'd been perfect in my run of writing blog posts every Mon-Sat for one solid month. I was very happy with my success and wished it to continue for weeks, months, years(?)

Yet today I find myself almost forgetting to even write. In fact, it's past dinner time, it's past 9 pm and I'm just finally getting set in front of my writing desk to put this together.

There is a Biblical proverb that says "Pride cometh before a fall" and while I'd argue my attitude wasn't self-aggrandizing in the least, it still seems to be that frame of mind that almost instantly sets me on a course of complacency, laziness, thinking I've done enough for long enough.

You can never do enough good. You can never do that much good for too long either. The message to myself is: stay hungry, stay focused, stay humble.

Thanks for listening.