Is this thing on?

Well, here we are. I never thought I'd stick with this daily writing thing. I said in my first blog post where I committed to writing each day that I didn't believe I'd stick with it (probably because I’ve tried to start several times, but never really committed.)

Am I now able to stick with it for another month? until summertime? across all of 2019? beyond 2019? That's the plan.

But what's the point? Does anyone even read what I'm writing? (for the record: I’ve had a traffic spike of +3,000 site visitors since starting the blogging in November)

The short answer is: it doesn't matter because I'm not writing for others to read. I'm writing for me to write and when I write I solidify my thoughts and get them neatly lined up in my mind. They become more clear.

So here's to another year (or five) of making my thoughts more salient and improving my writing day by day.