Could you teach Tiger Woods how to golf?

A couple of days ago I had to make a “quick” trip out to West Virginia (roughly 5-hour drive from Philadelphia) and while driving did my best to stay focused and listened to some podcasts.

One was about developing a better speaking voice, but the guy who was doing the teaching sounded terrible. His voice sounded static, choppy, robotic, basically the opposite of a pleasant and flowing conversational voice.

I only made it through 17 minutes of the podcast before I couldn’t stand listening to his voice.

He did have some good ideas and tips about tweaking your own voice.

The whole thing got me thinking about teachers. Even the best sportsmen in the world have coaches and teachers that know how to do things but are not talented enough to do them. The elite athlete gleans the knowledge and has the ability to put it all together.

So should we ignore advice that somebody offers just because we deem their skill set less-than-great? Must you be one of the world’s best to offer training, advice, or opinion?

I think we must not lose sight of the ability of a great art teacher to understand the fundamentals being taught while maybe not being the most talented artist in his own class.

If the person is sharing value, consume the value whether they’re able to execute on the value they offer or not.

Even Tiger Woods has a golf instructor.