The inn-keeper who cut off legs

In Greek mythology, there was an inn-keeper named, Procrustes who claimed to have a bed that fit all men perfectly. He did, in fact, have a bed that fit all men perfectly, because those too tall he cut parts of their feet and legs off and those too short were subject to the stretching rack. Sounds like a nice guy.

The story of this character is that we ought to take care not to play demigod and force things to fit into our arbitrary frameworks.

Instead of forcing something to conform to a linear line, let the zig-zagging happen, let the randomness explode forth, let it just be organic and see what strength and good comes from it in the end.

Treating our fellow humans as we would a machine is much the same. One is mechanical, one is organic. One is linear, exacting, never tires, and is resilient. The human is random, general, has an exhaustible level of energy, and is able to take a beating and get stronger from it.

Understanding this concept forced a moment of humility on myself. Not all things are exactly as you think they are. Maybe some of those arbitrary things you do or judge others for doing aren’t that big of an issue as you make them.

I am talking about things truly arbitrary. The difference between the objective, important things and the fleeting, arbitrary things is a different discussion.