Creative drought, burn out, and time moving faster

I go through periods of creative drought every year. I think it’s what people call “burn out”, but I can’t bring myself to admit that that’s what it is.

It does happen every year for 6-8 weeks, though. That’s a huge amount of time.

I’ve been slacking on the work I need to get done, keeping up with email, creating new stuff, working out, completing my morning routine, and even my daily posts here have suffered from this malaise that I have allowed to ensnare me like an invisible octopus living in my head.

I’m almost at a year of writing six-days-a-week and I’ve missed a couple of days so I’m writing extra posts today to fill in the missed days and complete the body of work I set out to do about a year ago.

I’m almost there and I will stay the course and get after it.